Root Chakra Crystal Bracelet, Energy, Yoga,Hematite, Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz

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The Root Chakra bracelet contains five separate crystals designed exclusively by nature to restore, balance and receive and distribute energy throughout our energetic field. It assists us with strength and vitality as well as our physical nature, our earth connections and survival needs. When our Root Chakra is balanced we are grounded, healthy safe and patient. At times our chakras may be blocked which restricts our flow of energy and can manifest itself into negative repercussions in our life.. An imbalanced Root chakra may result in money issues, addictions and low self esteem.
Our entire chakra collection utilizes over 30 separate healing crystals. The Root Chakra bracelet is composed of hematite, coral, smokey quartz, snowflake obsidian and red tiger eye.
Hematite helps to harness the energy the power of the element of earth to lend you strength and dispel negativity.
Snowflake obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone. A great cleanser of negative energies in our environment and our emotions.
Coral is known as the stone of peace and transformation. It will help you release unhealthy thoughts and emotions.
Smokey quartz is a highly grounding stone and improves it's users connection with the physical world.
Red Tiger Eye is a very stimulating stone that will give you motivation and inspiration in all aspects of your life.
The bracelet is made with 25 beads of 8mm gemstones. It is beaded on extremely strong elastic cord and the circumference is approximately 8 inches.
A removable beautiful solid sterling silver 12mm Tree of Life charm is attached to the bracelet. Bracelet is completely handcrafted and assembled in the USA bu Usmanii Jewelry Designs.

Materials: Amethyst,Silver,Gemstone

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